There isn’t much in the way of making money online that Gordon hasn’t tried. Over far more years than he cares to admit he has bought products on affiliate marketing, product creation, selling books on Amazon, publishing your own books and local business promotion to name a very small selection.

Admittedly there have been some small successes along the way, Gordon has not found a reliable, repeatable method of creating a sustainable second income through the internet.

To be honest, working on a shoestring budget often made success much harder to achieve, many of his efforts were one shot for glory or bust. I guess you can work out which version happened most of the time.

Others Gordon followed meticulously but pretty much always came up short when the information provided by the seller left out important details which left him high and dry and back to square one.

Fast forward to today.

After a successful career in aircraft engineering Gordon has now retired and has more time to devote to finally proving to himself that he can find a way to make this internet marketing thing work.

He has connected with well known and established marketer and trainer John Thornhill to embark on a step by step, clear and well supported journey to see just how far he can take his new project.

Gordon freely admits to being a technophobe, regularly totally bemused by the seemingly illogical way technology works sometime so this could be some adventure.

This blog is his way of describing his journey, recording all of the many ups and, hopefully, fewer downs along the way

He sincerely hopes that you enjoy following along and is confident that you will also find the information useful and practical should you wish to take the same route to creating a second income online.

Away from the internet, Gordon lives in Gloucestershire in the UK. He enjoys walking, horse racing, owning shares in several horses, some more successful than others!

He has just started taking part in walking football.

He is happy in a wonderful and loving relationship with his partner with whom he intends to travel the world and have many adventures and new experiences.

PS: If you asked me to recommend one thing for you to begin your online journey, it would be this.