As a veteran of trying to make a
second income online through as
many different methods as you can
imagine, one familiar theme keeps
cropping up.

If you have ever attempted to make
money online, or indeed attempted
to do anything which involves
technical action s then I would
probably bet good money that you
have come across this issue too.

You are attracted by the enticing
sales page, excitedly scan through
it to see the cost and, if that
matches your budget, go back to the
top and read the page more

You see the part where full
training will be provided, no stone
left unturned and decide to part
with your hard earned cash.

You either watch the training
videos or read the training
material and all goes
smoothly………………for a while.

Then you hit your first snag.
You follow the instructions to the
letter but nothing happens.
You re read or watch the video
again and repeat the process.

Still nothing.

What could you possibly be doing

You did everything asked of
you in the training but the results
you got were not the same.

Where do you go from there?

The levels of support vary considerably
in my experience. Often times you
are even unable to describe what
went wrong to assist when you do
get some support.

Things change so quickly on the
internet that, if you the product
you have is a few years out of date
then the whole internet world has
moved on and you are lost.

An example from a recent experience.

The training was straightforward
and easy to follow. I did exactly
what the training showed.

Bang, 2 minutes of training and the
page was set up.

Except that mine wasn’t.

Three attempts later and still

Support desk raised with my

First response was
nothing to do with them.

I replied that the entire process
was created using their tools,
following which they sent me a link
for the plugin of theirs I now

Brilliant, I am up and running

Follow the link supplied only to
discover that the plugin required
has now been shut down pending

I have pointed this out and have
yet to receive a response.

So many people who set out with
great intentions must flounder and
eventually give up when
encountering such roadblocks. I
know I have far too many times.

Luckily this time, as I said at the
start of my blog, I am part of
John Thornhills Partnership To
Success program.

This has so far
been fairly plain sailing, just
completed the first weeks tasks,
but, most importantly, on the odd
occasion when I have hit a
roadblock such as the one above the
support has been second to none.

That is why I know, after so many
years and failed attempts, that
this time I will be successful and
create a business I can be proud
of, make some income and most
importantly help others to do the
same as they follow my journey.


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