I have long been aware of how
headlines can be misleading,
especially in the internet
marketing arena. This week however
I found out to my cost just how
misleading a title can be.

As a youngster, and not so young in
reality, I played a lot of
football, reaching a fairly decent
standard in my 20’s. Obviously time
caught up with me, as it does with
all of us eventually, and I stopped
playing in my 40’s.

For quite a long time now I have
fancied having a go at a sport
called walking football. For those
who don’t know what this is, it is
a sport aimed at people usually
over 60 years of age who wish to
keep active and also enjoy the
social element of meeting new

More recently there is also a
section for those with Parkinson’s
Disease and other similar illnesses
to allow them to exercise and the
transformation in some of these
individuals is amazing.

Anyway, back to my experience.

Around 20 of us split into 4 teams
and played matches against each
other of about 30 minutes each
match. Very enjoyable, gentle
enough to enjoy but strenuous
enough to give the old heart and
lungs a good work out.

Fast forward to the next morning.

Walking was just about the last
thing I felt like doing. My entire
legs were as stiff as a board.
Stairs were a major challenge as
was getting up after sitting for
any length of time. This caused
much amusement to my partner, who
had thought I was going out for
some gentle exercise.

A couple of days later I am just
about properly mobile again having
learned a hard lesson to be wary of
taking descriptions of things too

Apart from my discomfort there is a
serious side to this post.

Far too often in the internet
marketing, make money online sector
there are products promising the
earth, push button riches and
instant wealth overnight but we
always need to delve deeper beneath
the headlines to see what the
reality is. As I have found out to
my cost, on far too many occasions,
most products fail miserably to
deliver on the promises the
headlines make.

Unfortunately you find this out too
late and it costs you far more than
a couple of days hobbling about as
I have endured this week.

I guess the thing I hope you take
away from this post is that you
curb your enthusiasm for whatever
you look to get involved in until
you have done your research
properly, weighed up the pros and
cons before committing yourself
fully and spending your hard earned
cash on potentially another failed

As for myself, I will be back to
walking football this week far more
informed of the outcome heading my
way the next morning.

I am also far more informed and
confident that I am on the right
road finally by following the path
John Thornhill is leading me along
in my search for internet marketing
success at long last.

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