One of my passions, outside of
learning how to make money online,
is horse racing.

I am lucky to be able to afford to
have a small share in several
racehorse here in the UK. Some of
them have been far more successful
than others but all of them have
provided me with some level of
excitement and enjoyment.

Today I want to talk about one of
them, a horse named Ben Buie, a
mountain in Scotland I believe, who
has taught me a great lesson not
only with my horses but also with
my life in general and online
activity especially.

Around 18 months ago we were
getting very frustrated with Ben
Buie. He clearly had so much
natural ability which he repeatedly
showed us in his work at home but
he consistently failed to show this
on the racecourse.

We started to discuss what other
roles he could have outside of
racing as he seemed not to want to
race, always seeming to hold back
his talent.

To prepare him to be passed onto
another owner we had him thoroughly
checked out by the vet who
discovered that he was suffering
from a condition called kissing

This is where some of the bones in
his spine were rubbing together and
obviously causing him some pain,
not enough to be in real distress
however so it had gone undetected
until that point.

As a group of owners, we decided
that we had nothing to lose and
agreed to finance an operation to
see if it helped the horse feel
more comfortable at least, and
hopefully show his true talent on
the racecourse at last.

After a short period of
recuperation following the
operation the big day arrived and
we headed to the racecourse for the
first time to see if the operation
had made any difference.

To our surprise and joy the horse
ran a brilliant race and finished
1st. A few weeks later he ran again
and also finished 1st.

In the 14 months since his
operation he has now won 5 races
and collected prize money in all 16
races he has run for us.

Lovely story I hear you say but
what has that got to do with my
online marketing efforts?

The point I am trying to get across
today is that we could very easily
have given up on Ben Buie and
allowed him to pass to other owners
to do another type of job for them.

Had we done so we would have missed
out on a wonderful experience for
ourselves and the chance for the
horse to show his true abilities.

We come across so may hurdles and
frustrations in our online journeys
that is would be so easy to just
throw in the towel and give up.

Probably move onto another shiny
object which grabs our attention
for a short while.

To ever reach a level of success
online we need to stick at it. Keep
going when everything seems to be
against us.

Eventually the day will come when
we have a breakthrough, the
operation in the case of Ben Buie,
and everything will start to get
easier and make sense.

That is the reason I chose to enrol
on the Partnership 2 Success
program with John Thornhill.

John and his team will be right by my
side at every point, ensuring that
I stay on track, do the work
necessary and achieve success in
the long term.

You don’t have to make this journey
on your own. Follow in the
footsteps of someone who has proven
that steps required and will hold
your hand along the way.

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